How Hamas Gets Away with Lying about Israel

June 20 2017

In a recent interview, the secretary-general of the Red Crescent spoke frankly about Hamas’s policy of deliberately launching rockets from hospitals during the 2014 Gaza War and noted that jihadists working with Hamas in the Sinai even opened fired on him and other Muslims aid workers. While such brazen behavior is hardly news, Western journalists, readers, and State Department officials have time and again shown themselves gullible enough to believe Hamas’s version of events. Liel Leibovits comments:

Israel, for all of its flaws and its faults, is an open and democratic society. Its armed forces obey rules of engagement that are more restrictive than those under which American or European forces operate. Israel also grants the local and the international media largely unfettered access to its cities and to battlefields. Israel, therefore, has virtually no incentive to lie about easily verifiable matters of fact that occur in public while operating under a global microscope. . . .

Which leaves us with Hamas. Why is the group blatantly falsifying facts? The answer here is simple, too: because they can get away with it. . . . What the terrorist organization offered the world in Gaza in 2014 was a version of the story contained in its founding charter, which is only the latest chapter in a very old story: the Jews are sucking our blood. Deliver some version of this libelous tale, and no one rushes to examine the evidence. After all, anti-Semitic atrocity stories don’t need evidence to back them up; they’re part of a larger conspiracy theory, in which “the Jews” are responsible for the world’s misfortunes.

Why do Western governments and news organizations endorse this insane medieval garbage? Well, that’s also easy to explain: if the people you are trying to strike deals with believe that a malignant sea-serpent is their main foe in life, who are you to disabuse them of that idea, however idiotic? Western governments and news organizations are happy to pay at least lip service to vile and nonsensical anti-Semitic canards to ease their commercial relationships with unfree societies whose leaders repeatedly blame the Jews for their perpetual failures. The price of not doing so might be high. The price of doing so is guaranteed to be low, especially when you dress up the old anti-Semitism in fancier garb and call it anti-Zionism.

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