Jewish Philosophy

The conflicting ideals of virtue and law.

Abraham Socher
Sept. 26 2017 12:01AM

A question of influence or of a common culture?

Peter Adamson
Nov. 17 2016 12:01AM

A philosopher’s approach.

Kenneth Seeskin
Oct. 13 2016 12:01AM

Moving beyond the abortion debate.

Mona Charen
Sept. 16 2016 12:01AM

The legacy of a 10th-century sage.

Richard Baroff
March 3 2016 12:01AM

Philosophy and mysticism may be closer than they appear.

Elisha Russ-Fishbane
Feb. 3 2016 12:01AM

In a religion that eschews doctrine.

Samuel Lebens
Jan. 4 2016 12:01AM

Neither was a cynical atheist.

Daniel Rynhold
Oct. 21 2015 12:01AM

A new book takes on the philosopher’s influence.

Menachem Kellner
Oct. 12 2015 12:01AM

The British-Jewish philosopher Isaiah Berlin made it his life’s work to understand and write about the European critics of the 18th-century Enlightenment—not because he, too,. . .

Feb. 20 2015 12:01AM

One of the great debates about Moses Maimonides’ philosophical magnum opus, the Guide of the Perplexed, concerns the degree to which it should be taken. . .

Daniel Davies
Feb. 5 2015 12:01AM

In a recent book, James A. Diamond explores how the philosophical ideas of Moses Maimonides were received by medieval and modern Jewish thinkers. Diamond, in. . .

Jan. 12 2015 12:01AM

With an intellectual boldness unmatched in Jewish philosophy before or since, Moses Maimonides showed that ritual observance opens the way to knowledge of reality. 

David Mikics
Feb. 3 2014 12:01AM