Pope Francis

After decades, Pius XII’s files will be revealed.

David Kertzer
March 7 2019 12:01AM

A superficial show for a Western audience.

Raymond Ibrahim
Feb. 13 2019 12:01AM

A model for tolerance in a sea of radicalism.

Sohrab Ahmari
Feb. 5 2019 12:01AM

Too many authoritative Christian voices have greeted anti-Jewish rhetoric with silence, excuses, or applause.

Matthew Schmitz
March 21 2017 12:01AM

Yet another anti-Israel gesture.

Giulio Meotti
Jan. 23 2017 12:01AM

Sometimes, religions do want war.

Denis MacEoin
Aug. 5 2016 12:01AM

If the Vatican will not speak out against the ongoing massacre of Christians in Islamic lands, it’s no wonder that Francis could call Mahmoud Abbas. . .

Isi Leibler
June 6 2014 12:01AM