Women in Judaism

A dispute between the old world and the new?

Zvi Leshem
March 8 2024 12:01AM

With photographs.

Chen Malul and Jewish Heritage Europe
Dec. 2 2022 12:01AM

Family purity comes to Instagram, with a sprinkling of humor.

Lindsey Bodner
Nov. 8 2022 12:01AM

The “Bruriah episode” and a medieval scribal error.

Eitam Henkin
Oct. 21 2022 12:01AM

Authors, scribes, typesetters, publishers, and illustrators.

Michelle Margolis
Aug. 1 2022 12:01AM

Quotidian piety.

Eve Krakowski
July 15 2022 12:01AM

Jacob Frank and his daughter Eva claimed the mantle of Shabbetai Tzvi.

Shira Telushkin
May 19 2022 12:01AM

Leah Horovitz’s tkhines.

Leah Sarna
May 16 2022 12:01AM

A movement from within.

Rachel Frommer
April 25 2022 12:01AM

True stories, literary retellings, and a religious response.

Rachel Manekin
Dec. 23 2021 12:01AM

Paula Hyman, 1946-2011.

Deborah Dash Moore and Noam Pianko
Oct. 7 2021 12:01AM

Penitential prayers from Piove di Sacco.

Yori Yalon
Aug. 12 2021 12:01AM

She hopes one day to represent Ḥaredim in the Knesset.

Avital Chizhik-Goldschmidt
July 26 2021 12:01AM

The case of Pauline Wengeroff.

Shulamit Magnus
March 15 2021 12:01AM