The Perpetrator of Sunday’s Terror Attack Was No Lone Wolf

March 19 2019

In the West Bank on Sunday, a Palestinian terrorist murdered a soldier and a civilian, and left another soldier in critical condition. Ron Ben-Yishai finds the reports that the perpetrator was a “lone wolf” less than entirely accurate:

[T]his was no ordinary lone-wolf attack; the perpetrator was unusually cold and calculated and likely had military training. We know this because [he] successfully approached [a group of] soldiers, . . . with his knife hidden on his person, drawing it only at the moment he fell upon his victim and stabbed him. [This careful execution is] presumably the reason the attack was so deadly. He also immediately knew how to make use of the gun he [then] snatched and was quite accurate in his shooting.

The terrorist seemingly planned his escape and seized the opportunity to flee when he saw a car abandoned by its driver. He drove to another location and opened fire there as well, before heading toward the Palestinian town of Burqin and abandoning the vehicle to seek hiding, probably realizing that he was better off on foot.

The evidence indicates that he was a member of a local terrorist organization drawing inspiration from Hamas. Perhaps he was even acting on behalf of Hamas, which has recently demonstrated an interest in fanning the flames of violence in the West Bank. Perhaps it is connected to events in Gaza where protests against the high cost of living are increasing. The Hamas department that oversees the West Bank was bombed by the IDF Friday, in response to the rockets launched at Tel Aviv Thursday night. They have good reason to show Israel that they are still up and about, and perhaps [this] terrorist was acting on their behalf.

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The Evidence of BDS Anti-Semitism Speaks for Itself

Oct. 18 2019

Israel’s Ministry of Strategic Affairs recently released a lengthy report titled Behind the Mask, documenting the varieties of naked anti-Semitic rhetoric and imagery employed by the movement to boycott, divest from, and sanction the Jewish state (BDS). Drawn largely but not exclusively from Internet sources, its examples range from a tweet by a member of Students for Justice in Palestine (the “world would be soooo much better without jews man”), to an enormous inflated pig bearing a star of David and floating behind the stage as the rock musician Roger Waters performs, to accusations by an influential anti-Israel blogger that Israel is poisoning Palestinian wells. Cary Nelson sums up the report’s conclusions and their implications, all of which give the lie to the disingenuous claim that critics of BDS are trying to brand “legitimate criticism of Israel” as anti-Semitic.

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