Qatar’s Unreported Donations to American Universities May Feed Campus Anti-Zionism

Feb. 25 2020

On February 12, the Department of Education announced that it suspects Harvard and Yale of failing to report millions of dollars received from China, Iran, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and elsewhere. The department has also accused several other schools of similar violations, and one professor has been arrested in the course of the investigation. Meanwhile, the Institute for the Study of Global Anti-Semitism and Policy has for years been researching Middle Eastern countries’ donations to American institutions of higher education, and believes there is a connection between these donations, especially those from Qatar, and campus anti-Semitism:

Autocratic Middle Eastern regimes, organizations, foundations, and affiliated private corporations have funneled billions of dollars of unreported funding to American universities in order to demonize Israel on campus. . . . With the bulk of all Middle Eastern donations emanating from Qatari donors (75 percent), and the Qatar Foundation accounting for virtually all of the donations from Qatar, these funds significantly impact attitudes, anti-Semitic culture, and activities of the movement to boycott, divest from, and sanction Israel (BDS).

Gulf funding of universities and think tanks, especially when such institutions are concerned about future revenue streams, can be a hedge against criticism of the governments providing the funding. . . . However, there is more to such funding than cultivating political influence. Our research has found a correlation between the funding of universities by Qatar and the Gulf states and the presence of groups such as Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) and a [campus] environment that fosters an anti-Semitic atmosphere, aggressive [toward Jews and supporters of Israel].

While a direct causal link has yet to be established, the correlation is too significant to ignore, especially given the horrendous human-rights records and state-sponsored extremism and anti-Semitism of the countries involved. Research indicates other countries, including Iran, also engage in this sort of funding activities.

Qatar has long been an important source of funds for the Palestinian terror organization Hamas and has forged relationships with Islamist groups from the Muslim Brotherhood to the Taliban. It maintains a Western enclave known as Education City on the outskirts of its capital, Doha, which is home to a number of satellite campuses of prominent American universities, such as Georgetown, Northwestern, and Cornell. Education City is funded by the Qatar Foundation, which maintains close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood-linked theologian Yusuf al-Qaradawi, . . . who has “called for the destruction of America and for the annihilation of the Jews.”

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Israel’s Covert War on Iran’s Nuclear Program Is Impressive. But Is It Successful?

Sept. 26 2023

The Mossad’s heist of a vast Iranian nuclear archive in 2018 provided abundant evidence that Tehran was not adhering to its commitments; it also provided an enormous amount of actionable intelligence. Two years later, Israel responded to international inspectors’ condemnation of the Islamic Republic’s violations by using this intelligence to launch a spectacular campaign of sabotage—a campaign that is the subject of Target Tehran, by Yonah Jeremy Bob and Ilan Evyatar. David Adesnik writes:

The question that remains open at the conclusion of Target Tehran is whether the Mossad’s tactical wizardry adds up to strategic success in the shadow war with Iran. The authors give a very respectful hearing to skeptics—such as the former Mossad director Tamir Pardo—who believe the country should have embraced the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran. Bob and Evyatar reject that position, arguing that covert action has proven itself the best way to slow down the nuclear program. They acknowledge, however, that the clerical regime remains fully determined to reach the nuclear threshold. “The Mossad’s secret war, in other words, is not over. Indeed, it may never end,” they write.

Which brings us back to Joe Biden. The clerical regime was headed over a financial cliff when Biden took office, thanks to the reimposition of sanctions after Washington withdrew from the nuclear deal. The billions flowing into Iran on Biden’s watch have made it that much easier for the regime to rebuild whatever Mossad destroys in addition to weathering nationwide protests on behalf of women, life, and freedom. Until Washington and Jerusalem get on the same page—and stay there—Tehran’s nuclear ambitions will remain an affordable luxury for a dictatorship at war with its citizens.

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