Host means army, but who were God’s armies?

Aug. 7 2019 12:01AM

The Jewish tradition of private engagement with God has long been neglected in favor of formalized, communal prayer. It is high time to revive it.

Jeremy Rosen
Jan. 23 2014 12:00AM

The use of religious terminology, rituals, and theological concepts by nominally atheist groups suggests that they are not quite as distant from traditional theism as they claim.

Nicholas Frankovich
Dec. 31 2013 12:00AM

The Torah is silent on the details of Moses’ forty-year year sojourn in Midian, suggesting a period of ascetic retreat that God forces him. . .

Mosheh Lichtenstein
Dec. 24 2013 12:00AM

Philosophers no longer reject the necessity of God’s existence; a new book attempts to go farther than that.

Robert Merrihew Adams
Dec. 23 2013 12:00AM

In his last work, the political economist F. A. Hayek all but recognized the necessity of religion as the linchpin of Western civilization.

Dec. 20 2013 12:00AM

On Hanukkah, the lights and distractions of the material world fade before the true source of enlightenment.

Alan Zelenetz
Nov. 29 2013 12:00AM

A new wave of Israeli science fiction and fantasy not only reflects global currents and popular culture but also grapples with issues of Jewish belief and identity.

Nov. 27 2013 12:00AM

How the idea of exile, in the Bible only one punishment among many, evolved into a metaphor for Israel’s alienation from God—a condition that could. . .

Katie Heffelfinger
Nov. 20 2013 12:00AM

The Pew Research Center’s recent survey, A Portrait of Jewish Americans, reveals that for those Jews who choose to remain Jews, religion and peoplehood are still one and inseparable.. . .

Don Seeman
Nov. 12 2013 12:00AM

Serious theists and atheists, though they frequently debate the reality of God, hardly ever use the word “God” in the same way.

Robert Barron
Oct. 31 2013 12:00AM

In the wake of national or personal tragedy, is there a way for Jews to protest divine injustice by “tacking” in prayer?

David R. Blumenthal
Oct. 29 2013 12:00AM

“There is nothing paradoxical about disbelieving the historical claim that the Torah was given to Moses from heaven . . . and believing it as a point of faith.”

Brian Klug
June 19 2013 12:00AM