The U.S. doesn’t need two missions in one city.

Nathan and Alyza Lewin
Oct. 18 2021 12:01AM

Should Israel’s capital be the only one in the world with both a U.S. embassy and a consulate?

Oct. 8 2021 12:01AM

A First Temple-era luxury.

Amy Spiro
Oct. 6 2021 12:01AM

“Let the stones speak for themselves.”

Roger Hertog
Oct. 4 2021 12:01AM

Muriel Spark in Jerusalem.

Christopher Scalia
Sept. 17 2021 12:01AM

Jordan shelled West Jerusalem—and somehow Arabs were the real victims?

David Litman
Sept. 2 2021 12:01AM

The problem may not be what the Israeli government is doing, but what it isn’t.

Aug. 16 2021 12:01AM

Growing up in a village that would one day make aliyah.

Danny Adeno Abebe
Aug. 5 2021 12:01AM

It opens new possibilities for dating artifacts in Jerusalem.

Amanda Borschel-Dan
Aug. 5 2021 12:01AM

Once again, Israel is being treated like no other nation.

Elliott Abrams and Amanda Rothschild
July 28 2021 12:01AM

Jerusalem’s former mayor joins us to discuss the lessons he learned during his ten years in office.

July 23 2021 12:01AM

A consulate with a long history and a troubling future.

Alan Baker
July 16 2021 12:01AM

Built in the 8th or 7th century BCE.

Amanda Borschel-Dan
July 15 2021 12:01AM

Even in Roman times, a very Jewish city.

Amanda Borschel-Dan
July 9 2021 12:01AM