Palestinian Authority

The journey to nowhere.

Kobi Michael and Ori Wertman
June 10 2022 12:01AM

It has failed to create a broader uprising, but it has achieved some more limited goals.

Yohanan Tzoreff
May 10 2022 12:01AM

Those fanning the flames should be held responsible.

Ehud Yaari
April 29 2022 12:01AM

On the one hand, a spate of murders; on the other, Jews living where the Biden administration believes they shouldn’t be.

Lahav Harkov
April 8 2022 12:01AM

The post-Abraham Accords era demands a new approach.

Ellie Cohanim
April 7 2022 12:01AM

Economic investment is no antidote to ideological venom.

Yossi Kuperwasser
April 5 2022 12:01AM

The wave of terror continues.

Yoav Limor
April 1 2022 12:01AM

In the West Bank, it’s the ruler who matters, not the institutions.

Maurice Hirsch
March 9 2022 12:01AM

The governing authority is in crisis.

David May and Abdel Abdelrahman
March 2 2022 12:01AM

The Palestinian Authority has not honored its pledge.

Marcus Sheff
Feb. 24 2022 12:01AM

The Palestinian Authority president can incite his people against Israel and ignore threats to his legitimacy.

Khaled Abu Toameh
Feb. 11 2022 12:01AM

Mahmoud Abbas surrounds himself with loyalists while losing his authority.

Yohanan Tzoreff
Feb. 8 2022 12:01AM

Apologizing for crimes against Jews committed eight centuries ago, while slandering the Jewish state.

Jan. 4 2022 12:01AM

A Palestinian consulate may belong in Ramallah, but opening one now would only cause problems.

Shany Mor and Enia Krivine
Jan. 3 2022 12:01AM