William Shakespeare

The song of Moses, an anti-Semitic play, and the power of obligation.

Kate Rozansky
Oct. 7 2022 12:01AM

Two princes from complicated families reflect on life’s futilities.

Noah Millman
Sept. 27 2021 12:01AM

The St. Crispin’s Day seder.

Paul Cantor
Aug. 27 2021 12:01AM

Hath not a Jew seykhl?

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Aug. 14 2020 12:01AM

Can Measure for Measure help explain the biblical book?

Noah Millman
March 21 2019 12:01AM

Leaving the fold.

Elliott Horowitz
Oct. 18 2017 12:01AM

To Be or Not to Be.

Thomas Doherty
June 5 2017 12:01AM


Maureen Lipman
March 28 2016 12:01AM

And thoughts on being a Jewish novelist.

Howard Jacobson
March 22 2016 12:01AM

What’s so bad about coveting your neighbor’s donkey?

Jan. 29 2016 12:01AM

Shakespeare’s thoughts on this week’s Torah reading.

Herbert Basser
Nov. 20 2015 12:01AM