Yiddish theater

Over eighty years in show business.

Fyvush Finkel
Aug. 18 2016 12:01AM

The St. Petersburg of the East.

Amy Qin
Aug. 16 2016 12:01AM

“The stark ring of a death sentence.”

Oct. 27 2015 12:01AM

A review of Indecent.

Josh Lambert
Oct. 20 2015 12:01AM

The Golden Bride, which premiered in 1923, will be revived.

Joshua Barone
Sept. 9 2015 12:01AM

“Even the slightest breeze and he is already air-bound.”

June 24 2015 12:01AM

Micrography, the use of miniature writing to draw shapes and pictures, has been a Jewish art form for over a millennium. Traditionally, the letters spell. . .

David Mazower
Jan. 23 2015 12:01AM

During World War II, multiple Yiddish theaters functioned in the Warsaw Ghetto. Even more remarkably, those involved in them were deeply concerned, despite everything, with. . .

Michael Steinlauf
Jan. 7 2015 12:01AM