A mysterious request leads the Canadian-raised son of a Holocaust survivor back to the old country.

Robert Eli Rubinstein
April 27 2014 11:15PM

As a young man, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper “went West” in search of personal and political renewal. The experience later helped him see. . .

Jan. 27 2014 12:00AM

“Either we stand up for the existence of a free, democratic, and distinctively Jewish state,” Canada’s prime minister told the Knesset this week, “or the. . .

Stephen Harper
Jan. 22 2014 12:00AM

The appointment of Vivian Bercovici, an avowed Zionist, as Canada’s new ambassador to Israel underscores Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s stalwart support for the Jewish state.

Yaakov Ahimeir
Jan. 14 2014 12:00AM

Among major nations, only the U.S., Canada, and Australia joined Israel in opposing a UN motion to declare 2014 a year of solidarity with the. . .

Dec. 12 2013 12:00AM

In Canada’s 2011 elections, Jewish Canadians deserted the center-left Liberal party in favor of Stephen Harper’s pro-Israel Conservative party. Could a similar shift occur in the. . .

Michael Medved
Nov. 15 2013 12:00AM