Donald Trump

We ought not turn a blind eye to the degradation of our moral climate in exchange for parochial political interests.

Avi Shafran
Aug. 4 2020 12:01AM

In less than four months, it will have enough uranium to build a bomb.

June 30 2020 12:01AM

A dance that does not end.

Noah Rothman
April 27 2020 12:01AM

At heart, the regime is a revolutionary organization.

Eric Edelman and Ray Takeyh
April 22 2020 12:01AM

Iranian leadership may soon act on the belief that there is little to lose in more aggressive behavior.

April 17 2020 12:01AM

In light of American taxpayers underwriting the security of Saudi Arabia, the kingdom should be sensitive to American economic interests.

John Hannah and Varsha Koduvayur
April 6 2020 12:01AM

The results of a new survey suggest an all-time low.

Feb. 5 2020 12:01AM

How Mayor de Blasio’s partisan blinders endanger New York’s Jews.

Philip Klein and Seth Mandel
Feb. 4 2020 12:01AM

And its consequences for Israeli politics.

Shmuel Rosner
Jan. 29 2020 12:01AM

The West should stand behind them.

David Patrikarakos and Rashad Ali
Jan. 15 2020 12:01AM

Rolling out the red carpet for a man who distributes The International Jew to his followers.

Isaac Herzog
Jan. 6 2020 12:01AM

If Donald Trump hates Jews, he has a funny way of showing it.

Dec. 27 2019 12:01AM

And next time, with fewer allies.

Paul Wolfowitz
Nov. 26 2019 12:01AM