The problem isn’t Israel’s policies. The problem is Israel.

Jan. 20 2022 12:01AM

BDS, parliamentary rants about “Jewish supremacy,” and Muslim Brotherhood influence.

Lawrence Franklin
Jan. 3 2022 12:01AM

Tamara Berens, Talia Katz, and Dovid Schwartz talk about their journeys to Jewish service, and how the Beren Summer Fellowship helped guide them.

Dec. 24 2021 12:04AM

An ongoing, open-ended inquiry whose goal is waging lawfare on the Jewish state.

Anne Bayefsky
Dec. 22 2021 12:01AM

BDS isn’t much of a selling point, but it’s a way for candidates to distinguish themselves from the pack.

David Schraub
Nov. 9 2021 12:01AM

A BDS resolution doesn’t help children.

Los Angeles Times
Aug. 11 2021 12:01AM

The latest attempt to use the Jewish state to harm Diaspora Jews.

July 6 2021 12:01AM

Inclusive of everyone—except Jews.

May 5 2021 12:01AM

The dangers of scapegoating.

Frank Musmar and Najat al-Saied
April 1 2021 12:01AM

A report from the frontlines.

Isaac de Castro
March 30 2021 12:01AM

A new book provides a “conservative case for liberal education,” and takes on BDS.

Andrew Pessin
March 18 2021 12:01AM

Thoughts on Israel Apartheid Week.

Richard Kemp
Feb. 26 2021 12:01AM

Boycotts of Israel really are about the Jews.

Stephen Norwood and Rafael Medoff
Feb. 4 2021 12:01AM