Approval and criticism.

Oded Eran and Adi Kantor
May 12 2017 12:01AM

A wrongheaded retreat.

May 2 2017 12:01AM

The wrong way to combat anti-Israel NGOs.

Gerald Steinberg
April 4 2017 12:01AM

Something stinks about recent outpourings of concern.

Gary Weiss
March 3 2017 12:01AM

Making common cause with people who want to kill Jews.

March 1 2017 12:01AM

An anti-Israel and anti-American movement that should be combated.

Benjamin Weinthal and Asaf Romirowsky
Feb. 8 2017 12:01AM

To the tune of €16.7 million.

NGO Monitor
Jan. 25 2017 12:01AM

It’s now on track to start jousting at windmills.

Gregg Roman
Jan. 25 2017 12:01AM

The intersectionality of fools.

Dominic Green
Jan. 18 2017 12:01AM

Unleashing the dogs of lawfare.

Denis MacEoin
Jan. 9 2017 12:01AM

Not only against Israel, but also against the U.S.

Orde F. Kittrie
Dec. 29 2016 12:01AM

“My views on BDS have changed drastically.”

Tshediso Mangope
Dec. 19 2016 12:01AM

And look to its past.

Michael Oren
Dec. 2 2016 12:01AM