Rabbi Akiva

The sacred charge to build upon the foundation that God created.

Moshe Kurtz
March 22 2022 12:01AM

That’s the contention of a new book by a major historian of ancient Judaism. It deserves serious attention, but it also overstates its case.

Aug. 4 2020 12:08AM

Which would you prefer, bread or grains of wheat?

Etan Golubtchik
Feb. 10 2020 12:01AM

Elisha ben Avuyah became a vehicle for exploring the agonizing conundrums the rabbis were too honest to ignore but too pious to articulate.

Aug. 9 2019 12:01AM

A tale of Rabbi Akiva.

Barry Holtz
May 3 2017 12:01AM

Rabbi Akiva’s laugh, the fox, and Emperor Hadrian.

Meir Ben-Shahar
Dec. 7 2016 12:01AM

Saving the lowliest sinners from hellfire.

David Shyovitz
May 6 2016 12:01AM

Talmud is full of jokes. But the rabbis were also wary of excessive mirth.

Simon Holloway
April 8 2015 12:01AM

The Yiddish phrase talmid hokhem denotes someone learned in Talmud. But, despite a common misconception, it does not contain the word Talmud. Rather, it comes. . .

Nov. 17 2014 12:01AM

What began in order to commemorate a devastating plague became, in Lag ba’Omer, a celebration of Jewish life—physical, spiritual, and intellectual. (Registration required.)    

Elon Gilad
May 16 2014 12:01AM