Iran sanctions

More regional influence for Beijing, and more tools of repression for Tehran.

Craig Singelton
Sept. 9 2022 12:01AM

Building a safe haven, training ground, and university for the terrorists of tomorrow.

Alberto M. Fernandez
Jan. 31 2022 12:01AM

Rewarding the ayatollahs’ malfeasance as they move closer to getting nuclear weapons.

Jan. 17 2022 12:01AM

Put the Magnitsky act, and its various counterparts, to work.

Naomi Levin
Dec. 14 2021 12:01AM

The deal would at best have slowed them down, while giving them more money.

Eli Lake
Dec. 6 2021 12:01AM

Tehran’s hostility to the West is an essential tool for Beijing.

Eyal Pinko
Aug. 31 2021 12:01AM

The terrorist group is unpopular at home and vulnerable abroad.

Danny Citrinowicz
June 22 2021 12:01AM

The U.S. shouldn’t remove sanctions on Ebrahim Raisi.

Tzvi Kahn
June 21 2021 12:01AM

Breaking a promise made by the Obama administration.

Richard Goldberg and Mark Dubowitz
May 28 2021 12:01AM

A Chinese gas station in the Middle East?

April 1 2021 12:01AM

Negotiating from a position of strength.

Dec. 10 2020 12:01AM

In five months, it could have two.

Yossi Kuperwasser
Oct. 16 2020 12:01AM

Even Iranian politicians admit it.

Alireza Nader
Oct. 15 2020 12:01AM