Jewish identity

There have been two moments in the last 150 years when the assumptions behind Jewish law seemed poised to change. Nothing happened. Is today different?

Dec. 15 2013 2:14PM

Why Jewish law is more a set of guidelines than of rules.

Gil Student
Dec. 8 2013 9:18PM

Why Israel is the foundation upon which the house of Jewish culture can be most safely built.

Ran Baratz
Nov. 20 2013 9:55PM

Dear Hillel: Don’t you think that Israel needs American Jews to help it withstand the campaigns of hate it faces?

Nov. 13 2013 8:57PM

The Pew Research Center’s recent survey, A Portrait of Jewish Americans, reveals that for those Jews who choose to remain Jews, religion and peoplehood are still one and inseparable.. . .

Don Seeman
Nov. 12 2013 12:00AM

A new-old paradigm is taking hold in Israel: a secularism based on a renewed embrace of Judaism.

Micah Goodman
Nov. 10 2013 10:37PM

Hillel Halkin's scorn for American Jewry.

Nov. 6 2013 3:21PM

“For the first time, I felt the weight of this ancient tradition that had endured, miraculously, for thousands of years.”

Kate Havard
Oct. 17 2013 12:00AM

Pew’s survey of American Jews raises more questions about the state of American Jewry than it answers.

Shmuel Rosner
Oct. 4 2013 12:00AM

More than Saul Bellow or Philip Roth, James Salter (né Horowitz) captures the situation of assimilated American Jews—by never writing from a Jewish perspective.

Rich Cohen
Oct. 1 2013 12:00AM

The real fight facing American Jews is not against intermarriage but for marriage itself.

Sylvia Barack Fishman
Sept. 8 2013 10:52PM

The battle is over; or so we’re told. A half-century after the rate of intermarriage in the US began to skyrocket, the Jewish community appears to have resigned itself to the inevitable. But to declare defeat is preposterous.

Sept. 3 2013 12:01AM

Genesis gives us two separate accounts of the creation of man; but do they (as Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik argues) offer contradictory and irreconcilable perspectives?

David Frankel
Sept. 3 2013 12:00AM

In the words of a leading British Zionist: “The idea of Judaism is inseparable from the idea of the Jewish people, and the idea of. . .

Harry Sacher
Aug. 16 2013 12:00AM